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this ship is taking me far away

far away from the memories

Lynx Malfoy
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And she was addicting and sweet, just like all the other ones.

Name: Lynx Malfoy
Age / Year: 15/5th
Birthday: April 19th
House: Slytherin
PB: Anna Jadgodzinka

History and Upbringing: (What was your character like as a child? What were they raised to believe? What's their family like?) Lynx, quite frankly, was a spoiled brat. Her parents gave her everything she ever wanted, and some stuff she didn’t. She loved them, and the only person she loved more was her big brother Score. He protected her, and he would reach to the highest shelf for the biscuits their mother would hide up there. He was her hero, and she loved him. She was never particularly close with her mother, but she still kept her company and appreciated everything that her mother taught her over the years.

Lynx, it seems, inherited most of her father’s traits. From his blonde hair to his sneer. Of course she doesn’t believe the ‘pureblood mania’ being a ¾ blood, but she is, nonetheless, the perfect Slytherin stereotype. She’s tough and manipulative when she needs to be. People who fight through her outer defenses, however, find a very loyal girl that enjoys laying in the grass, staring up at the clouds. She believes that you have to work for things, earn them, just like Draco earned the family name back. And she is honest. Sometimes brutally. She doesn’t really have a mind filter.

Current State of Mind: (Now that they are at school, what are they interested in? WHO are they interested in? Do they make good grades?) Lynx is hardworking and rather intelligent. She makes very good grades, certainly better than Score’s. Her only real friend is Score, though she talks to other people. She comes off as stuck-up, and that turns people off. She likes people, generally, but she has a quick temper that might result in a rather harmful spell being thrown at someone.

She isn’t interested in one thing in particular. She likes taking photos, she likes drawing and painting. She loves to bake with her mother, and go in her father’s library and read all of his books. She doesn’t generally get along with girls. She doesn’t generally get along with anyone besides her brother, really. But she can charm them when necessary.

Role In the Plot: She’d basically follow Score anywhere. So if he got involved in something, there’s a big chance she’d definitely not let him do whatever it was alone. BFF FTW.